research-owl An Electronic Datasheet Generator for Synthetic Biological Systems

Owl is a tool that allows users to create electronic datasheets for new biological parts, devices, or systems. Users can enter their data into preexisting fields for a given data model and add their own data from assays. Or users can search from existing webpages on the Registry of Standard Biological Parts ( and produce datasheets in a consistent format.

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Key features

  • Generate electronic datasheets in a consistent format
  • Upload Pigeon-generated images to datasheets
  • Summarize information about previous parts from the Registry of Standard Biological parts in a consistent format
  • Create HTML formatted pages without writing code

Accessing Owl

Owl is free to use, and can be accessed through a web interface by clicking the button to the right.

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Selected Owl publications:

  • E. Appleton, J. Tao, C. F. Wheatley, D. H. Desai, T. M. Lozanoski, P. D. Shah, J. A. Awtry, S. S. Jin, T. L. Haddock, and D. M. Densmore, “Owl: Electronic Datasheet Generator,” ACS Synthetic Biology, vol. 3, iss. 12, pp. 966-968, 2014. doi:10.1021/sb500053j
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CIDAR Project Lead

Evan Appleton
Evan Appleton

CIDAR Collaborators

Zachary Chapasko
Traci Haddock, PhD
Sonya Iverson
Jenhan Tao