CIDAR is a diverse group, but we all have at least one thing in common: we had awesome, formative experiences during our undergraduate studies that turned us onto the possibilities of academic research. We wouldn’t be here without the mentorship and experience that helped us become the nerds we are today!

We’re eager to help BU undergraduates find their passion for science and engineering by involving them in our projects. Independent research is a great way for students to learn about new disciplines, to actively engage with the academic process, and to develop long-standing relationships with faculty and staff.

CIDAR is involved in the following programs at Boston University:

UROP encourages Boston University undergraduates to perform independent research by pairing them with mentors and providing financial support for research stipends, supplies, and travel.

Our UROP students are paired with a graduate, post-doctorate, or staff advisor to collaborate on computational or experimental projects. This allows them to actively contribute to ongoing research and gain hands-on experience.

Students interested in applying for CIDAR research positions should check the UROP website to learn more about eligibility and the application process.

iGEM is a synthetic biology competition in which groups of students from around the world build biological devices from standardized genetic parts. Students choose their own projects, perform experiments, and travel to regional and international competitions to present their results.

This competition a rare opportunity to take part in team-based, student-driven research, and allows undergraduates to engage with the growing synthetic biology community.

Students who are interested in joining the BU iGEM team should contact Doug Densmore.