Genetic Automation: Recommendation Unit and Data Analyzer

Garuda (short for: Genetic Automation: Recommendation Unit and Data Analyzer), is a synthetic biology platform that learns from data. It consists of collections of data mining, pattern analysis, and machine-learning algorithms tailored for synthetic biology purpose. As a data-hungry application, Garuda is attached to Clotho as its centralized data management back-end. Garuda runs pattern analysis and data mining techniques to come up with certain insights from hidden information i.e. information that was not stored by users explicitly) and meaningful recommendations may guide users for designing or even debugging their experiments. Garuda allows cross-experimental data-aggregation and verification between multiple users. This tool can also be employed as a knowledge-sharing mechanism in a project involving a large number of researchers.

Key features

    • Data management (data storage and query)
    • Blast-based local alignment search
    • Spreadsheet importer and bulk-data parser
    • Unsupervised learning analysis tool
    • Supervised learning analysis tool
    • Regression analysis tool


This material is based upon work supported by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Living Foundries award HR0011-15-C-0084.

Accessing Garuda

Garuda is currently in development, and is not available to the general public.

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CIDAR Project Leads:

Rizki Mardian

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Jerome Wilfred G. Andaya Jr.