CIDAR iGEM Teams featured on BU news

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Christopher Rodriguez received an award for an Outstanding Computational Biology poster presentation

Christopher Rodriguez, REU student at CIDAR lab, under the supervision of Ali Lashkaripour and Douglas Densmore received an award for an Outstanding Computational Biology poster presentation at ABRCMS in Phoenix for the research he did over the summer as part of the BU BRITE program.

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Cello crosses 100 citations !

Cello manuscript (http://science.sciencemag.org/content/352/6281/aac7341) crosses 100 citations according to Google Scholar. To learn more about Cello and Genetic Circuit design automation, check out the Science and IEEE manuscripts.

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Ryan Silva presents at DRAPER

Ryan Silva’s work at Draper Lab was featured in Draper’s annual thesis celebration day.

Photos of Ryan’s presentation can be found via Draper’s coverage of the event.

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Douglas Densmore selected for Under-40 Innovators Award

Prof. Densmore was selected as one of the inaugural Under-40 Innovators Awardees at the 54th Design Automation Conference in Austin, Tx.

More Information:




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CIDAR undergraduates win various Student Awards at the 2017 Graduation ceremony

Allison Durkan and Katie Lewis won the Engineering Alumni Association Student Leader Award for outstanding achievement and service to the college.

The following CIDAR undergraduates were awarded Student Advisor Awards for outstanding efforts advising fellow students:

Yash Agarwal
Anish Asthana
Zachary Chapasko
Alexandra Nero
Allison Durkan
Johan Ospina
Inna Turshudzhyan

We are very proud of our undergraduates for achieving excellence and setting a great example for all future students.

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CIDAR undergraduates win Senior Capstone project awards

CIDAR undergraduate class of 2017 won various awards for Senior Project and Societal Impact Capstone project!

Yash Agarwal’s team “Understanding Design Principles of CRISPR Based Activation of Gene Transcription in Mammalian Cells” won the Outstanding Senior Design Project in Biomedical Engineering.
Zachary Chapasko’s team “Satellite Tracking for Low Earth Orbit” won the Outstanding Senior Design Project in Electrical & Computer Engineering.
Zachary Lasiuk, Alexander Vahid, and Rebecca Catherine Wolf were part of the “T1demark” team which won the 1st Place for the Societal Impact Capstone Project Awards.

We are very proud of all the winners and wish them success for all their endeavors.

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Inna Turshudzhyan wins the Anita Cuadrado Memorial Award!

Inna won the Undergraduate Class of 2017 Anita Cuadrado Memorial Award for her enthusiasm and devotion to the College. The award commemorates Inna’s active participation in various college activities including her research in CIDAR Lab.

Inna was an undergraduate researcher with CIDAR and was an integral part of the Phagebook and Clotho team.

We are very proud of Inna and wish her all the best for all her future endeavors!

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Yash Agarwal named Valedictorian

Yash was named the Valedictorian of the Undergraduate Class of 2017. Yash also won the Earle and Mildred Bailey Memorial Award for scholarship and service to the College.

Yash was an undergraduate researcher in CIDAR and was part of the 2014 Boston University iGEM team.

We wish Yash all the best for all his future endeavors!

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CIDAR Team wins ECE Design Excellence Award !

Team Vulcan: Alexandra Nero [BME+CE], Anish Asthana [CE], Julian Trinh [CE], and Shane McCormack [BME+CE], under customer Professor Douglas Densmore and Graduate Mentors Ali Lashkaripour and Radhakrishna Sanka, wins ECE Design Excellence Award for ECE Senior Design Capstone Project in 2017 ! Project Vulcan aims to extend the experimental capabilities of CIDAR lab’s low cost microfluidic architecture by integrating a camera module for tracking droplets, as well as a PCR module for heat cycling chip contents, all specified at a simple level and controlled using the Vulcan Peripheral Manager.

Link to article: http://www.bu.edu/today/2017/ece-day/

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