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Boston University covers the Cello paper.

Read the news article here.

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Nature, Science Daily and other outlets cover the Cello paper published in Science

Read the news article in Nature.

Science Daily article.

Scientific American article.

(e) Science News

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

Nano werk article

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Science publishes Cello – Genetic circuit design automation

“Genetic circuit design automation” was published in Science.
The authors of the paper include MIT graduate student Alec Nielsen, former MIT postdoc Bryan Der, MIT postdoc Jonghyeon Shin, Boston University graduate student Prashant Vaidyanathan, Boston University associate professor Douglas Densmore, and National Institute of Standards and Technology researchers Vanya Paralanov, Elizabeth Strychalski, and David Ross.
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Densmore Leads $10M “Living Computing Project”

Densmore and assistant professors Ahmad Khalil (BME) and Wilson Wong (BME), and Research Assistant Professor Swapnil Bhatia (ECE) will lead the “Living Computing Project”, a comprehensive effort to quantify synthetic biology, using a computer engineering approach to create a toolbox of carefully measured and catalogued biological parts that can be used to engineer organisms with predictable results.

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The project homepage is:

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CIDAR awarded AWS Research Grant

CIDAR Lab has been awarded an AWS Research Grant worth 12,000 USD by Amazon Web Services.
The grant will be used to host CIDAR’s software infrastructure in the cloud.

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CIDAR is now automating “The Foundry”

A $32 million contract from the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
was awarded to “The Foundry” (, a DNA design and
manufacturing facility at the Broad Institute of MIT to support the engineering
of novel biological systems. Boston University Computer Engineering Associate
Professor Douglas Densmore’s role in automating the facility’s design process
with software inspired by electrical and computer engineering was key in
establishing novel, large scale, parallel design processes that landed the

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UROP Fall 2015 Update

Katie Lewis received UROP funding to continue research with CIDAR for Fall 2015.

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Partnership with Broad Institute

A facility at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and MIT that aims to achieve the full potential of engineering biology has received a five-year, $32 million contract from the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

CIDAR lab research will be incorporated into the computational pipeline.

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Doug gives a talk at Sigma Aldrich

Doug gives a talk to Sigma Aldrich to educate folks on Bio-Design Automation.

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Exploring a new frontier of cyber-physical systems: the human body

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