CIDAR’s Hands Off Approach

BU College of Engineering spotlights Prof.Douglas Densmore and CIDAR lab’s innovations in automating biology research. This is but a first step in building a larger bio-automation facility at BU called the Biofoundry Integrated Instrumentation System (BIIS). Read more about this research and watch a video of experimental automation in action here : The hands off approach


Josh Lippai Wins Best Presentation at IWBDA 2017

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CIDAR Lab at Molecular Communications Workshop

CIDAR graduate researcher Ryan Silva delivered an invited talk at the 2nd Molecular Communications Workshop in Dublin, Ireland on 9 May 2017.

This talk enabled CIDAR microfluidics research to better understand the emerging needs of the molecular communications community, thus enabling the ability to realize complex communications networks in microfluidics at minimal cost.

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Nicholas Roehner was awarded the Allan Kuchinsky IWBDA Scholarship

Nicholas Roehner was awarded the 2nd Annual Allan Kuchinsky IWBDA Scholarship on August 15, 2016. Details can be found in the proceedings of IWBDA 2016 at

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Jacob awarded UROP funding for Fall 2016

Jacob Kozol has been awarded UROP funding for Fall 2016 to continue research
with CIDAR Lab.

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AWS Research Grant awarded to CIDAR

CIDAR Lab has been awarded AWS Cloud Credits for Research program worth 10,000 USD by Amazon Web Services. The grant will be used to host CIDAR’s software infrastructure in the cloud.

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Ryan Silva wins best talk

Ryan Silva’s talk “MakerFluidics: Microfluidics for the Masses” wins best talk
at IWBDA 2016 Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

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Nicholas Roehner interviewed by Biotechniques

Nicholas Roehner was interviewed by Biotechniques on the application of DOE to synthetic biology and its implementation in Double Dutch.

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Evan Appleton was awarded the “Charles DeLisi Doctoral Dissertation Award”

CIDAR Lab’s Evan Appleton was awarded the “Charles DeLisi Doctoral Dissertation Award”  for the best bioinformatics thesis in 2016 at Boston University.


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Ryan Silva in the top 500 runners at the Boston Marathon

CIDAR Lab PhD Student Ryan Silva placed in the top 500 runners at the 2016 Boston Marathon clocking in at 2:49:27 on a hot, windy day. This earned him the top spot out of 86 registered runners from the city of Medford, as reported by the Medford Transcript. Quick Silva!

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