Evan Appleton’s paper “Regulating gene drives” published in Science

Evan Appleton’s work with a multidisciplinary team from Synberc (Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center) has been published in Science: “Regulating gene drives”.

The paper has also been written about in The New York Times, National Geographic, The Boston Globe, and Nova.

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EC551 taught by Prof. Densmore highlighted by BU ECE


EC551: Advanced digital design with verilog and FPGAs taught by Prof. Douglas Densmore recently gained media attention from Boston University’s ECE department. The article highlights how students gain valuable experience required in the field of digital electronics. It also talks about some of the successful projects created over the the years.

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Raven paper accepted into Nature Methods, blogged by Nicole Rusk

The CIDAR group’s latest publication, Interactive assembly algorithms for molecular cloning, has been accepted by Nature Methods.

It addresses the problem of planning assembly schemes for molecular cloning, and was mentioned by senior editor Nicole Rusk in her recent blog post regarding impactful Synthetic Biology publications in Nature Methods.

Nature Synthetic Biology Special: http://www.nature.com/news/specials/synbio-1.15137
Nature Methods Focus on Synthetic Biology: http://www.nature.com/nmeth/focus/syntheticbiology/index.html

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Densmore featured in Discover event, “Life as We Grow It”

“A Discover event highlights how scientists are engineering DNA that may one day eliminate malaria, solve the energy crisis and feed the world.”

Click here for the full article.

Video of Professor Densmore speaking with Discover Magazine along with other SynBERC PIs can be found here.

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Professor Densmore participates in “Programming Life: The Revolutionary Potential of Synthetic Biology”

Professor Densmore participates in the SynBERC and Discover Magazine event “Programming Life: The Revolutionary Potential of Synthetic Biology.”

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Professor Densmore appears on Huffington Post Live

Professor Densmore appears on Huffington Post Live to discuss ethics in Synthetic Biology.

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Professor Densmore’s work highlighted for paving new roads in Synthetic Biology

Densmore and Clotho gain attention from the media for promoting novel software tools for synthetic biology.

Click here for the full story.

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BU ECE Department spotlights CIDAR projects

The BU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering spotlights research and projects from CIDAR.

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Professor Densmore featured in Bostonia Article, “Life is Suite”

Professor Densmore featured in a Bostonia article and video on Synthetic Biology at Boston University.

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ACS publishes special issue on Synthetic Biology featuring Professor Densmore

ACS Synthetic Biology Special Issue on BioDesign Automation published, featuring a guest editorial, podcast, and two co-authored publications by Professor Densmore.

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