CIDAR’s Hands Off Approach

BU College of Engineering spotlights Prof.Douglas Densmore and CIDAR lab’s innovations in automating biology research. This is but a first step in building a larger bio-automation facility at BU called the Biofoundry Integrated Instrumentation System (BIIS). Read more about this research and watch a video of experimental automation in action here : The hands off approach


Densmore Leads $10M “Living Computing Project”

Densmore and assistant professors Ahmad Khalil (BME) and Wilson Wong (BME), and Research Assistant Professor Swapnil Bhatia (ECE) will lead the “Living Computing Project”, a comprehensive effort to quantify synthetic biology, using a computer engineering approach to create a toolbox of carefully measured and catalogued biological parts that can be used to engineer organisms with predictable results.

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The project homepage is:

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CIDAR is now automating “The Foundry”

A $32 million contract from the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
was awarded to “The Foundry” (, a DNA design and
manufacturing facility at the Broad Institute of MIT to support the engineering
of novel biological systems. Boston University Computer Engineering Associate
Professor Douglas Densmore’s role in automating the facility’s design process
with software inspired by electrical and computer engineering was key in
establishing novel, large scale, parallel design processes that landed the

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Doug gives a talk at Sigma Aldrich

Doug gives a talk to Sigma Aldrich to educate folks on Bio-Design Automation.

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Prof. Densmore promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Prof. Densmore elevated to ACM Senior Member

Prof. Densmore has been recently elevated to a Senior Member of the ACM. The Senior Member Grade recognizes those ACM members with at least 10 years of professional experience and 5 years of continuous Professional Membership who have demonstrated performance that sets them apart from their peers. For more see:

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CIDAR Researchers Develop Powerful New Software Tools

Douglas Densmore (electrical and computer engineering, biomedical engineering, bioinformatics) and Swapnil Bhatia (electrical and computer engineering), have joined forces to streamline synthetic biology from concept to design to assembly, encoding solutions in a rich suite of software tools. In a paper published in Nature Biotechnology, they and collaborating researchers at MIT demonstrated how their tools can be used iteratively to help synthetic biologists to specify, analyze, and improve large-scale designs for engineered biological organisms.

The original article is here:

This was also covered in a BU Research article:

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Prof. Densmore Elevated to IEEE Senior Member

Prof. Douglas Densmore was elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior member, which is bestowed on those who have made significant contributions to the profession. In order to eligible to be nominated or apply one must have shown significant performance in at least five years in professional practice.

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EC551 taught by Prof. Densmore highlighted by BU ECE

EC551: Advanced digital design with verilog and FPGAs taught by Prof. Douglas Densmore recently gained media attention from Boston University’s ECE department. The article highlights how students gain valuable experience required in the field of digital electronics. It also talks about some of the successful projects created over the the years.

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Prof. Densmore cofounds first CIDAR startup!

Prof. Densmore and Postdoctoral Researcher Swapnil Bhatia have co-founded Lattice Automation, a company focused on accelerating progress in synthetic biology. You can find out more about it at

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